Wednesday, April 13, 2011

PaigeeDraw Korea 1.2 Free Released!

PaigeeDraw  Korea 1.2 released - First Free Foreign Language Version of Popular PaigeeDraw App
PaigeeDraw Manga Drawing App with over 30,000 downloads now releases free Korean version
VANCOUVER, BC – April 13, 2011 –  Following the success of PaigeeDraw 1.2 Free a top 100 educational app on iTunes, 16 year old Paige Rohrick is back with her first free foreign language version – PaigeeDraw Korea 1.2!
Paige is bringing Manga to the masses – the ability to draw Manga, with her simple to follow step by step drawing tutorials for the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad.     PaigeeDraw Korea has all of the features of PaigeeDraw, but now in Korean!   Paige is also working on a Japanese version of her popular app for release sometime in the near future.
The Manga / Anime scene in North America is growing fast.     It also has a huge following all over the world.    Paige noticed that many of her 56,000 fans on facebook wanted PaigeeDraw in their own language.   The idea for PaigeeDraw foreign language versions was born.    PaigeeDraw is clearly filling a desire for traditional drawing instruction and providing a fun way to do so!
16 Year Old Paige Rohrick has turned her passion for Manga and Japanese Anime, along with her desire to help people learn how to draw, into a winning application!    People love to draw manga and with PaigeeDraw’s iPhone / iPad application, drawing is a breeze.   With step by step instructions including tools, techniques and beautiful visual guides, learning to draw has never been so fun and easy.   Using cutting edge technology to learn traditional drawing methods;  PaigeeDraw is truly an example of how beautifully art and technology can work together.
The PaigeeDraw craze is catching on – today Korea - tomorrow the World!!   Since its first launch in December 2010, PaigeeDraw has enlisted over 56,000 aspiring artists!   ChibiDraw – Paige’s next major release has already achieved a following of over 20,000 fans on facebook!    With its free online tutorials available on its website and interactive / engaged facebook community with over 3,000,000 page views per month, PaigeeDraw is clearly addressing a need in a way that is educational yet highly unconventional.
PaigeeDraw has free and professional applications on the iTunes store for both iPhone/iPod touch as well as for the iPad – PaigeeDraw Korea Free 1.2 is available world-wide from Apple’s App Store or by visiting:     PaigeeDraw Professional is available for $2.99 in the U.S. and is priced accordingly in other regions.  
Please visit  for more information regarding PaigeeDraw.    Also, visit and join the thriving PaigeeDraw Manga / Anime Community!   To download our press kit, click here:
PaigeeDraw Inc. is an independent software development company formed by Paige Rohrick as a way of teaching traditional drawing to anyone interested in Manga style art
If you would like further information on PaigeeDraw, or would like to schedule an interview with Paige Rohrick, please contact:
Candace Rohrick, Public Relations
Phone: 778.882.9176

Friday, April 1, 2011

PaigeeDraw "Best Friends" Contest

Join the PaigeDraw “Best Friends” contest!

See full contest details here:

Theme:The theme of our new contest is “Best Friends”. People have had alot of fun creating their own interpretations of Paige’s characters both from Deviantart, as well as from the PaigeeDraw applications. Many people have mentioned that they would like a contest using their own Original Characters!

“Best Friends” to the rescue!   Best friends combines one of Paige's characters, with one of your own OC's!
For the new contest we are asking the community to create a traditional drawing using one of Paige’s characters along  side one of their own Original Characters!

1. One of the characters has to be based off of the PaigeeDraw application, or one of Paige’s original
characters from Deviantart.
2. The second character can be an original character, or another of Paige’s Characters.
(more than 2 characters are allowed)
3. All drawings must be done traditionally! PaigeDraw is about working with traditional media and we would like to do the same for the contest.
4. A maximum of 3 images can be submitted to the contest. Only one prize per individual.
5. All drawings must be colored. Background is optional but encouraged.
6. As PaigeeDraw is a site for all ages, age appropriate drawings must be submitted. We reserve the right to refuse drawings that may not be suitable for all ages.
7. Friends and family of Paige Rohrick are excluded from this contest.
8. Must not use other peoples copyrighted characters.
9. Must not copy / outline other peoples characters original works.
10. Must be original characters, not fan art.
11. Cannot be an entry used in a previous contest.

The characters can be based off either:
- PaigeeDraw
- PaigeDraw Christmas
- Paige’s Original Characters
Yuejen, Tameif, Owari, Raina
Mitaku, Mitten, Taliliah, Spoon
Yugao, Crescent, Jaques, Tallisman, Miktaku
Note: All of these characters can be found on DeviantArt in “Original Characters” Gallery.
Contestants can feel free to modify their outfits! The characters can also be found below.

Contest ends May 15th, at 11:59pm, 2011

Paige will decide the winners of the contest.

Send your drawing to

Your Name, Your Facebook Name, Your Deviantart ID (Optional)
Character Names in drawing, Title of Drawing (Optional), Your Age (Optional)

You can also enter the contest by sending your drawings to Paige directly via DeviantArt
Paige can be found on Deviantart here:

Prizes may change during the course of the contest (They may increase).

1st Place:
16 Copic Ciao Markers
1 Copic 0.1mm Multiliner
1 Sakura Gelly Roll White Gel Pen
Eraser and Mechanical Pencil
1 Signed PaigeePrint
1 Coloring Kit

2nd Place:
12 Copic Ciao Markers
1 Sakura Gelly Roll White Gel Pen
Eraser and Mechanical Pencil
1 Signed PaigeePrint
1 Coloring Kit

3rd Place:
8 Copic Ciao Markers
1 Sakura Gelly Roll White Gel Pen
Eraser and Mechanical Pencil
1 Signed PaigeePrint
1 Coloring Kit

Most Likes:
8 Copic Ciao Markers
1 Sakura Gelly Roll White Gel Pen
Eraser and Mechanical Pencil
1 Signed PaigeePrint
1 Coloring Kit

See full contest details here: