Friday, August 12, 2011

ChibiDraw Free #1 New and Noteworthy on iTunes!

August 12, 2011

Just 2 days after the release of ChibiDraw Free and ChibiDraw HD Free on iTunes, ChibiDraw has hit #1 on the iTunes charts!   16 year old Paige Rohrick, seems unstoppable!   She is batting 3 for 3.   PaigeeDraw Free hit #1 on release in December 2010, PaigeeDraw Christmas hit #2 on release in December of 2010.      All of her applications have been at the top of the app charts!

ChibiDraw HD Free is #1 in Canada and the USA on iTunes "New and Noteworthy" in the Education category!

ChibiDraw Pro is also #6 on the Canada Charts!    A huge thanks to the members of the PaigeeDraw and ChibiDraw Community for their continued support!

All community members are asked to help support PaigeeDraw, by supplying a rating and review on iTunes - Click here to download ChibiDraw Free, rate and review -

The ChibiDraw "Summer Holidays" Contest is on now!   The contest involves drawing the ChibiDraw characters on Summer Holidays!     Members original characters can also be used in the ChibiDraw Contest - details can be found here -

Paige Rohrick

How to draw Manga

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Copic Sketch Markers - Lowest prices on PaigeeDraw!

August 7, 2011
PaigeeDraw is about creating and sharing Manga Drawings.    Over 130,000 members of the PaigeeDraw facebook Community share their artwork with other members, comment, discuss, and get advice from each other.

Copic Markers are the marker of choice for many Manga Artists! They come in 346 Colors, have replaceable Nibs and have refillable ink! Sketch and Ciao markers are double sided. They have a medium broad nib for thick strokes, and a Super Brush nib for variable-width strokes!

Copic Markers are alcohol based ink which are permanent and are non-toxic and dries acid free. Copic Sketch markers are compatible with the Copic Airbrush System!
Copic Sketch, Ciao and Wide markers can be quite expensive at the local specialty art store.    We started the PaigeeDraw Online Store so that our members could get Copic Markers for the lowest prices on the internet!    Our online store is almost 1/2 price compared to some specialty art stores!    They are being sold at virtually wholesale prices!

When you are in the market to buy Copic Markers, please check out our PaigeeDraw online store!     Buying your art supplies at PaigeeDraw helps us:
  • Have more contests with great prizes!
  • Update our PaigeeDraw, ChibiDraw and PaigeeDraw Boys Applications
  • Keep providing a great community on facebook to showcase young manga artists!
When you buy Copic Markers at PaigeeDraw, you are also getting the best prices!

Thanks for your continued support of PaigeeDraw, the PaigeeDraw, ChibiDraw and PaigeeDraw Boys Communities, and the PaigeeDraw Online Store!

Get your free copy of PaigeeDraw on iTunes today:
PaigeeDraw Free for iPhone / iPod touch on iTunes
PaigeeDraw HD Free for iPad on iTunes

Join the Contests:
PaigeeDraw "Back to School" Contest
ChibiDraw "Summer Holidays" Contest

Paigee :D
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ChibiDraw Pro Application - Released on iTunes Today!

August 2nd, 2011

ChibiDraw Pro for iPhone/iPod touch and ChibiDraw HD Pro for iPad is finally released on iTunes!

Get your copy now to enter the ChibiDraw Pro and PaigeeDraw Pro Contests!    Contest code is available on the application!   Free with ChibiDraw Pro is a coupon for a free Copic Marker on the PaigeeDraw online store.

Enter the ChibiDraw and PaigeeDraw Contests to win huge prizes!     Your drawing could be featured on a future release of the PaigeeDraw, ChibiDraw or PaigeeDraw Boys application!

See the latest press for ChibiDraw!

ChibiDraw Pro  iTunes Application Description:
ChibiDraw will help you learn how to draw your own Manga / Anime characters specifically Chibis! 38 step by step Chibi drawing tutorials. This application is for all ages, if you want to draw cute little adorable characters – this app is for you! Drawing is fun, to learn more read on…

ChibiDraw is more than just an app! ChibiDraw is also a facebook community of over 55,000 Members! The ChibiDraw Community is a place where you can share your Chibi creations with other members on facebook! Members drawings are featured daily on the Community! You can find ChibiDraw at! Contests are held regularly and prizes include Copic Markers, Prismacolor Premium Pencils AND an opportunity to have your drawing showcased right on the ChibiDraw Application! Make sure you join the ChibiDraw Community after you download the application!

PaigeeDraw has had huge success since its launch in December 2010 and is quickly becoming one of the most successful applications for people learning how to draw manga / anime characters. Many people find full characters difficult to start out with – ChibiDraw was developed to fill the void. Chibi characters are not as complex as full manga characters, but they are often much more fun to draw! ChibiDraw shows you how to draw Chibis! Starting with the basics, ChibiDraw teaches you how to build your characters anatomies in different poses and positions. Once you have your characters pose, ChibiDraw then shows you how to sketch the characters, fineline, color and shade! Fashion is important so ChibiDraw has characters with several different hairstyles and clothing to help you learn to draw the latest fashions!

-Step by step drawing examples demonstrating how to draw chibis. Paige has provided several different styles of Chibis to practice with! Mini Chibis, Chibis and Tall Chibis! She has also created the “Chibi N3rds” bunch!
- There are 38 full chibi tutorials including both girls and boys! More added with every update!
-Full set of instructions for every step in the drawing process – makes drawing manga easy.
-Full description of Tools and Art Supplies to create each image, step by step.
- Original Art created by 16 year old Paige Rohrick
- All images are created by hand and scanned to provide the absolute best hand drawing, sketching, coloring and shading tutorial available. 
- Excellent tool for learning how to draw.

What do you need to get started?
- All you need is a pencil to sketch, an eraser if you make a mistake, a piece of paper and your imagination! If you want to be more advanced, all images are colored with Copic Markers.

The Original PaigeeDraw was #1 on iTunes "New and Noteworthy" in education for almost 2 weeks. PaigeeDraw Free has been in the TOP 100 Free Education Applications on iTunes for months! Paige has been featured in the Vancouver Sun, The Financial Post, Global TV News, Breakfast Television and other news publications for PaigeeDraw. The PaigeeDraw facebook community is now over 125,000 members and growing! Paige is hoping for the same success with ChibiDraw! 

Advanced Features:
- Retina Display support for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4.
- Full touch support, image zoom for greater detail, and simple swipe forward / back navigation. Buttons are also included for menu/section navigation.

ChibiDraw currently has over 1300 pages of content! ChibiDraw is updated frequently providing additional drawing tutorials. The ChibiDraw web site is also available with tons of free Manga tutorials to teach you how to draw Manga online!


Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
Requires iOS 3.1.3 - 4.x


Paigee :D
Paige Rohrick
How to draw Chibis

PaigeeDraw "Back to School" Contest - Starting Now

August 2nd, 2011

The PaigeeDraw "Back to School" Contest is starting now!     This contest is sponsored by CopicMarker.Com as well as the PaigeeDraw Online Store!

The prize offering for this contest is far bigger than any other previous contest for PaigeeDraw!   Prizes of Copic Products!

Get drawings in now!   The PaigeeDraw Back to School Contest has 2 categories Free and Pro!   The Free Contest can be joined by anyone!    The Pro Contest has 3x the prizes!   Join the Pro Contest by downloading PaigeeDraw App on iTunes, or by downloading the ChibiDraw App on iTunes!     The ChibiDraw Pro Contest Code will work for the PaigeeDraw Pro contest!

Contest winners may be featured on the PaigeeDraw or ChibiDraw Application on iTunes!   Your drawing could be viewed by hundreds of thousands of individuals all over the world!

Join PaigeeDraw facebook to keep up with all of the contest entries and vote for your favorites!    Members are also encouraged to share their own creations on the PaigeeDraw facebook page.

Join the PaigeeDraw Back to School Contest today!

Free online Manga Video Tutorials
Free online Manga drawing tutorials

Paige Rohrick of PaigeeDraw
Paigee :D
Paige Rohrick
How to draw Manga

PaigeeDraw in the news!
Best prices for Copic Markers - PaigeeDraw Online Store

ChibiDraw "Summer Holidays" Contest - Starting Now!

August 2, 2011

The ChibiDraw "Summer Holidays" Contest is starting now!    This is the first contest for ChibiDraw, and coincides with the release of ChibiDraw Pro on iTunes.

Get drawing your Chibis and join the contest!

Click Here for ChibiDraw Summer Holidays Contest Details

Join ChibiDraw facebook, to keep up with all of the contest entries and participate in the community!    Members are also encouraged to share their own creations on the ChibiDraw page!

Prizes for ChibiDraw are HUGE - this is our largest prize offering ever!!!

Join the ChibiDraw Contest today!

Paigee :D
Paige Rohrick