Friday, August 12, 2011

ChibiDraw Free #1 New and Noteworthy on iTunes!

August 12, 2011

Just 2 days after the release of ChibiDraw Free and ChibiDraw HD Free on iTunes, ChibiDraw has hit #1 on the iTunes charts!   16 year old Paige Rohrick, seems unstoppable!   She is batting 3 for 3.   PaigeeDraw Free hit #1 on release in December 2010, PaigeeDraw Christmas hit #2 on release in December of 2010.      All of her applications have been at the top of the app charts!

ChibiDraw HD Free is #1 in Canada and the USA on iTunes "New and Noteworthy" in the Education category!

ChibiDraw Pro is also #6 on the Canada Charts!    A huge thanks to the members of the PaigeeDraw and ChibiDraw Community for their continued support!

All community members are asked to help support PaigeeDraw, by supplying a rating and review on iTunes - Click here to download ChibiDraw Free, rate and review -

The ChibiDraw "Summer Holidays" Contest is on now!   The contest involves drawing the ChibiDraw characters on Summer Holidays!     Members original characters can also be used in the ChibiDraw Contest - details can be found here -

Paige Rohrick

How to draw Manga

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  1. Wow another how to draw chibi characters? I will check it out, chibi characters are one of my favorites, I think I'm going to try and test your tutorials because I like the way you draw