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Copic Marker - Sketch 12 EX-6 2012 Color Set! Available at PaigeeDraw!

PaigeeDraw carries the complete line of Copic Sketch and Copic Ciao Markers!    The PaigeeDraw online store has the lowest advertised prices for both Copic Sketch and the Copic Ciao Markers individuals and complete kits!

Copic Marker - Sketch 12 pc EX-6 Set - New for 2012

Copic Marker - Sketch 12 EX-6Details:

Packaged in a clear plastic case, a Sketch set is the ideal way to begin or add to a marker collection.

The EX series highlights the latest color releases available from Copic.

This set contains the following colors:
BV34 Bluebell, RV52 Cotton Candy, G43 Pistachio, BG90 Gray Sky, V22 Ash Lavender, R56 Currant, G46 Mistletoe, E84 Khaki, V28 Eggplant, YR27 Tuscan Orange, BG57 Jasper, E89 Pecan

about Copic Sketch Markers

  • Available in 358 colors and refillable with the standard COPIC Various Inks.
  • Solid polypropylene body is both smooth and comfortable, for a perfect, controllable grip.
  • Precise and positive colored capping system provides for instant color selection.
  • Body inscriptions and symbols are wear resistant and easily cleaned with COPIC cleaner.

Why choose COPIC? Ex-6 Colors

  • Refillable ink and replaceable nibs
  • Guaranteed to not dry out for three years
  • Copic Markers are Non-Toxic
  • Alcohol-based ink dries acid-free
  • Copic Airbrush System works with COPIC markers
  • Guaranteed color consistency

The Worlds Best Marker!

In the past Copic Markers were only available in Japan. People in the rest of the world would have to import them in order to get their hands on the Worlds best marker! Copic Markers are now available in North America and the rest of the World.What is a Copic Sketch marker

In the United States, Copic Markers are now the most popular choice for Scrapbookers, Papercrafters, Stampers, Manga Artists, Comic Artists, Graphics Artists, and both amature and professional artists and crafters.

Copic Ciao and Sketch Markers have a beautiful design. Both markers are Dual tipped with both a Medium Broad and a Super Brush. The Medium Broad is flat and wide and is great for coloring in large areas. The other Super Brush Tip is excellent for coloring small areas and blending colors. The flexible tip also allows amazing control of your color.

The Copic Markers are professional quality. Once your buy the marker you will have it forever! Both brush tips are replaceable, and refill ink is available for every color. Refill ink costs slightly more than the marker itself, but can fill a marker up to 10 times!

Copic Markers are excellent for blending. Unlike cheaper water-based markers Copics can be layered over and over without softening or tearing the paper used. In order to use Copic Markers properly Bleed Proof marker paper is highly recommended.

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