Wednesday, November 14, 2012

PaigeeDraw - Marker Starter Set - For Manga

Paige Rohrick from PaigeeDraw has re-created all of the PaigeeDraw Copic Sketch Marker Drawing Kits at PaigeeDraw!

***The new Drawing Kits are Cross-Compatible with no duplicate markers between compatible kits.

PaigeeDraw Copic Sketch 12 Markers Set A

Sketch 12 Piece Marker Set A
PaigeeDraw Copic Sketch 12 Marker Set A
This kit has everything you need to start creating your own Manga and Comics!   This Kit features Copic Sketch Markers!

***Compatible with:
**Compatible with:(No Duplicate Marker Colors)
This is the perfect starter kit to get started with Copic Sketch Markers. Paige has selected enough colors for Skin, Hair, Shading and creating your characters fashions. This kit has everything you need for sketching, finelining and coloring your drawings. Paige has included a super smooth ZiG Mangaka fineliner as well as a White Gel Pen to add shine to eyes, hair, shoes and accessories.

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