Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Wish List - Copic Markers

Are you looking for a new Manga Drawing Set for Christmas?     PaigeeDraw has everything you need to start creating.

The PaigeeDraw Drawing sets, have all of the supplies required to get started.     Kits are available for Copic Sketch Markers, Copic Ciao Markers as well as LetraSet ProMarkers.
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PaigeeDraw Copic Sketch 36 Drawing Set
PaigeeDraw Copic Sketch 36 Drawing Set
What are the features of PaigeeDraw Drawing Sets?
  • All sets come with enough skin colors to get started.
  • All sets are cross-compatible.     You can grow your kit from 12 to 72 markers!
  • You can mix and match sets.    You can grow your set in any order.   You can mix Copic Sketch and Copic Ciao Markers.
  • The bigger you grow your set, the more options you have available.   More skin shades, more hair shades, and excellent colors for fashions!
  • All kits include professional grade Fineliners for finelining your art.    Kits come with different sizes of fineliners, so you can also grow your selection of fineliners.
  • These are the actual colors that Paigee uses in all of her drawing tutorials.       You can start practicing with PaigeeWorld characters immediately.
  • Prices are almost 40% off compared to retail!

Check out all of the drawing sets at PaigeeDraw!

Paige Rohrick
Paige Rohrick

Paige Rohrick
...come join the fun!

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