Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The PaigeeDraw Facebook Community has reached 10,000 users! PaigeeDraw Contest!

Februay 8, 2011

The PaigeeDraw community is 10,000 strong and growing on  facebook!    A huge thank-you to all members!   PaigeeDraw is quickly becoming the place for people to learn how to draw!

In the last week Paigee announced her first contest!
Paige’s application has been a great hit on iTunes! Paigeedraw and PaigeeDraw Christmas hit #1 and #2 in educational apps the second day it was uploaded.  Over 10,000 people from across the world have downloaded the app! So far, the feedback has been great! I'm so happy that my tutorials have been so helpful!
So, here is the contest:
I would like YOU to send in pictures you have created from my artwork, either through my application, or characters I have created outside of my application.

1. Art MUST be based off of my work, either from my application or my characters outside of the application.
2. Must be done traditionally! My application is all about working with traditional media, I would like you to do the same for this contest!
3. No tracing, stealing or using images not created specifically for this contest. (kind of a no brainer, but needed to be mentioned, ha.)
4. Maximum 2 images can be submitted to the contest, you may ask to change your submission to something else, but please clarify what images you want to be judged.  However only one image can win.
5. MUST BE COLOURED. Background is optional (and encouraged. c: ) but colour is required.

You must base your character off either:
-          PaigeeDraw or PaigeeDraw Christmas
-          The PaigeeDraw web page www.paigeedraw.com
-          Characters found on my Deviantart account examples below:
o   Yuejen
o   Owari
o   Mitaku
o   Taliliah
o   Yugao
o   Jacques
o   Mitaku
o   Tameif
o   Raina
o   Mitten
o   Spoon
o   Crescent
o   Tallisman
All of these characters can be found in my gallery most in “Original Characters” folder.   Their outfits tend to change a lot (due to the fact that I like giving them many outfits c: ) so don't worry about giving them their "real" outfit!
Contest ends at 11:59pm PST, February 28th 2011.
please have your submissions posted by then!

Me and my family, and I might throw in a few friends and teachers to help judge the images to see who wins.

1st place:

- 12 COPIC Sketch markers
- 1 Copic 0.1mm Multiliner
- 1 Sakura Gelly Roll White Gel Pen
- Eraser and Mechanical Pencil
- Coloured drawing from me!

2nd place: a sketch from me, and a coloured chibi.
3rd place: a coloured chibi drawing from me, or a sketch from me.

I will also give a prize to whoever gets the most "likes" on facebook! you can choose whether or not to have your entry on facebook or not (since I know some people prefer not to post their artwork on there.)

prize for most likes: a sketch from me, and a coloured chibi! c:

Please submit your drawings either on deviantart, or e-mail them to me at

We will be posting the images on facebook in a folder for you, UNLESS YOU SPECIFY OTHERWISE.  ALSO: please specify whether the image you chose was from the website, application or my characters.
Good luck!

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