Saturday, February 19, 2011

PaigeeDraw Manga Community now over 24,000 members!

February 19, 2011

How to draw Manga - PaigeeDraw

PaigeeDraw has now reached over 24000 members on facebook.   The PaigeeDraw application on iTunes has now over 15,000 downloads!   PaigeeDraw is helping people learn how to draw manga!

A huge thank you to all of the face members and all of the people who have downloaded PaigeeDraw!

Help support PaigeeDraw!     Link to our site "How to Draw Manga - PaigeeDraw"  via your web page, your blog or your deviantart account!

Let us know if you have:
- created a link on one of your sites to (How to draw Manga)
- gave us a good review on the iTunes store!  (Review PaigeeDraw Now!)
- suggested PaigeeDraw to your friends on facebook

We will give you a shout-out on our facebook page!

If you are not already in the PaigeeDraw contest, please join.    It is lots of fun to participate and share your art with others.

Please see the PaigeeDraw contest rules in the next blog.

Have you been to the PaigeeDraw "how to draw manga" free online manga tutorials?   New tutorials are added daily.   Please check them out!

PaigeeDraw has multiple applications for your iPhone, iPod Touch or your iPad!   This is a drawing application that you can take anywhere!   To school, on holidays, in the car, on a plane - and practice your drawing!    Please check out the application.   There are both free and full versions.   Check out the application here:

Thanks again to all of the members of PaigeeDraw!   Keep telling your friends about our community!

How to Draw Manga

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