Friday, May 20, 2011

PaigeeDraw "Best Friends" Contest - "Most Likes" Prize!

May 20, 2011,

The Winner of the PaigeeDraw "Best Friends" Contest "Most Likes" Prize goes to Krishna Oderon Felismino!       Great job Krisha!

Krishna had over 1050 facebook "Likes"!    Her drawing provoked over 200 facebook Comments!   

Here is the Winning Drawing:

by Krishna Oderon Felismino
Facebook Name: Krishna Oderon Felismino
DeviantART ID:
Character Names: Mitaku, Jacque, Yugao (upper left);   Yuejen, Mitaku, Holly (middle left);   Cresent, Mittens, Crysal (lower left);   Heidi, Destiny, Olive, Iris (my oc) (center bottom);   Raina, Yuejen, Owari, Heidi (center);   Chloe, Taliliah (center);   Rick, Taliliah (center top);   Tameif, Owari (upper right)
Chibis scattered: Mai, Haru, Nyan, Aoi, Yoko, Riel (my oc), Misaki,, Kishira (my oc)
Title: Drawing Memories 
Age: 18 years old

Eraser and Mechanical Pencil

A huge thank you to everyone that entered!   The remaining Contest prizes will be announced soon!