Sunday, May 22, 2011

PaigeeDraw Boys now 10,000 Community Members!

May 22, 2011

PaigeeDraw Boys now has over 10,000 Community Members on facebook!    A huge thanks goes out to all new members!

PaigeeDraw Boys is now scheduled for release on iTunes on July 1st, 2011!    PaigeeDraw Boys has over 40 step-by-step drawing tutorials.

Paige started working on PaigeeDraw Boys in January, and has spent the last several months working on her new application!

We would like to encourage all new members to:
- upload your drawings to the facebook page
- provide comments and suggestions to other members
- create and participate in the discussion forms
- tell others about PaigeeDraw Boys!

Paige is presently working on the Contest Announcement for PaigeeDraw Boys.    Stay tuned to the facebook page for further details!

PaigeeDraw Boys
How to draw Manga

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