Sunday, March 4, 2012

First Winner Announced - PaigeeDraw World!

PaigeeDraw World is announcings its first winner today!    There are still LOTS of prizes to be won!

PaigeeDraw World is a contest that allows aspiring Manga Artists to have their drawings seen by potentially millions of people, while simultaneously helping the world learn to draw Manga!

To enter the contest, you must create a drawing tutorial of a Manga Character, a Chibi, a hand, face, eye, etc..    Your tutorial could be featured on the PaigeeDraw Web Tutorials Page, or on a future PaigeeDraw Application!

Prizes - you could win a complete PaigeeDraw Drawing Kit for your Character or Chibi Drawing!   You could win 3 to 6 markers for your hand, face or eye tutorials.

Our First Winner:   Thao, Bui Thanh

Click HERE to see her tutorial!!

PaigeeDraw World Winner - Thao, Bui Thanh - 12 years old!
By Thao, Bui Thanh
Age: 12 years old
Title: Tsubasa in a modern Vietnamese Uniform with Tsumugi wig

PaigeeDraw 15 Piece Copic Ciao Drawing Kit
12 Copic Ciao Markers
1 Fineliner
1 White Gel Pen
1 Pencil with Eraser

Congratulations Bui!  

Get started drawing!    Looking forward to everyone's PaigeeDraw World Tutorials!    A huge thanks to the PaigeeDraw Community for all of the continued support!

Paige Rohrick - PaigeeDraw

Paige Rohrick C: PaigeeDraw!
How to draw Manga
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