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PaigeeDraw Best Friends Contest - 2nd Place Winner!

Paige Rohrick of PaigeeDraw would like to announce the 2nd place winner of the PaigeeDraw Best Friends Contest!

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The PaigeeDraw "Best Friends" Contest was our most popular contest ever! Best Friends Contest entries were viewed over 20 million times on facebook and on the PaigeeDraw Pages!!!

The Best Friends Contest was open to people from around the World! Individuals from all continents entered! Over 250 entries were received in total!

Congratulations to Ia Mae Buenconsejo
2nd Place Winner of the PaigeeDraw Best Friends Contest!   
Ia Mae Buenconsejo - PaigeeDraw Best Friends 2012 2nd Place Winner

Name: Ia MaeBuenconsejo
Facebook Name: Ia Mae Buenconsejo
Deviant Art ID:
Characters Names in Drawing: (Left to right) Kuya, Aoi, Nyan
Title of Drawing:
The Best Trio
Your Age:

"Please be ready for the major exams three days from now." It was the last statement of the last subject teacher as she dismisses the class for today.
As Nyan and Aoi walk down the empty corridor of the second floor, Nyan declares a problem. "Aoi, I don't understand most of the lessons we had for this semester." The two stop walking and give each other an empty stare. "..." Aoi looks at Nyan straightly. "Well?.. Eh? You're not surprised?" asks Nyan.

Aoi replies, "That's A LOT of lessons you don't understand then." while scratching the back of her head. "Sorry! I'm really just having a hard time concentrating on the lessons. I mostly mix up lessons of other subjects with other subjects." exclaimed Nyan. "I-It's okay, Nyan! No need to apologize! We'll think of someone who'll be able to help us study.." says Aoi as she pats Nyan's back to relieve her tension.

Suddenly, Nyan's ears start to fling up in the air with great excitement and had surprised Aoi with a yell that echoed through the hallway. "A GROUP STUDY!"
She then grabbed Aoi's hand and started dragging her all the way up to the 4th floor, then arriving at a classroom of a junior named Kuya who is also close friends with both girls.
"Kuya! Come join our group study for the major exams!" said Nyan. "That's a bit sudden but sure. I'll "help" you study." shrugged Kuya. "I don't have any part-time jobs during this moment since I also have to prepare for the exams. So, where's this group study going to be held at?"
"Tomorrow Saturday at 10 in the morning! At.. Uh... Hmmm..." Nyan sinks into deep thought of the problem at what venue the group study will be held. A long pause of silence have passed and suddenly Aoi raises her hand. "Um! My house is spacious.. Maybe we could study at my place?" "AH GOSH! REALLY?!! THANK YOU AOI!~" Nyan says as she embraces Aoi for the offer. "No problem~."

"Okay so, we'll see each other tomorrow at 10 in the morning at Aoi's place~ See you guys~." The three then waved each other goodbye as they head home.

The next day, all the three students were gathered at Aoi's place with complete study references. They taught each other what lessons from subjects they missed and haven't understood. It was a pretty radical group study. Although some hours later, the study session was getting awkward as Aoi starts to fall asleep and Nyan was doodling cute stuff beside her notes and started using her mobile phone. "Oi, Nyan, are you still listening to me? The equation for this--." says Kuya as he does his best to get Nyan's attention to get her to study. "Yeah.. Hold on--.." She then pulls out her digital camera. "Everybody say CHEESE!" The sudden exclamation done by Nyan made Aoi wake up and pose a little for the camera still half-asleep, holding her favorite pen loosely in her right hand. "Hey.. Keep your mobile phone and your camera from this. Get serious, Nyan! This isn't the time to be cute in photos!" scolds Kuya. "I know, I know. Hahahaha! You look so grumpy in the shot!" laughs Nyan. "Oh come on.. The exams are 2 days away!" Kuya reminded both the inattentive girls. Nyan then smiles while replying, "We know that. I just want to take a souvenir as a reminder that we make the best trio of best friends who held the most interesting group study I've been to!"

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Congratulations Ia Mae!

Get started drawing! Looking forward to everyone's PaigeeDraw World Tutorials! A huge thanks to the PaigeeDraw Community for all of the continued support!

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