Monday, April 23, 2012

Limited Edition Copic Sketch 25th Anniversary Set - Pre-order today!

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Copic Markers has announced the 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Copic Sketch Marker 36 Piece Set!   PaigeeDraw will be one of the first companies to ship this product!

PaigeeDraw is now accepting pre-orders for this Copic Marker Set!    We expect to ship this item on August 1st, 2012!

PaigeeDraw always has the lowest prices on all of your art supply needs including Copic Products, LetraSet, ZiG Kuretake, ZiG Cartoonist and Marvy Uchida!

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Product Details:

Limited Edition Copic Sketch 25th Anniversary 36 Piece Set
PRE-ORDERS ONLY!!! Estimated Shipping - August 1st, 2012
(Orders will be first come, first serve) - 25 Kits Available

Official Copic Sketch 36pc 25th Aniversary Set

Note: This item comes with Standard Fine Nib and Super Brush Nib.

- 36 colors
- Special black marker bodies
- Super brush nib
- Standard fine nib (previously available for Copic markers only)
- B000, B99, BV13, E01, E50, R46, RV00, Y28, YG06
- B28, BG01, BV17, E18, G43, R81, RV55, Y32, YR12
- B91, BG07, BV25, E42, G46, R85, RV95, Y35, YR15
- B95, BV11, E000, E47, R43, R89, V01, YG00, YR68

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