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PaigeeDraw 200,000 Members Contest!

PaigeeDraw - Available on iTunes

PaigeeDraw "200,000 Member" Contest

To Celebrate 200,000 Members of PaigeeDraw we are having the PaigeeDraw 200,000 Member Contest!

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PaigeeDrawThe theme of our new contest is "PaigeeDraw and Me!".   Use your imagination!

To make the contest a bit more interesting, every entry must include:

  • Your favorite PaigeeDraw Character!
    • Nyan, Aoi, Haru, Mai, Kuru, Tsubasa,Trent, Kuya, etc.
  • A Character representation of yourself!
  • An article of PaigeeDraw Clothing or Jewelry on one character.(Shirt, Skirt, Scarf, Hat, Bracelet, Umbrella, etc). (ie. PaigeeDraw or PaigeeDraw Logo written on article)
  • One small animal or stuffed toy ie.
    • a Panda
    • Zuzu (Boston Terrier Dog)
    • unicorn
    • penguin
    • etc.
  • The number 200,000!


PaigeeDraw 200,000 Member Contest

ChibiDraw - Available on iTunes
This Contest is FREE and PRO. To enter the PRO contest, you must use the CONTEST CODE from:

You can also enter the PRO contest with an Order Number from the PaigeeDraw Online Store! Simply submit your Order Number with your contest entry.


There are a total of 2 Prizes to be awarded:
  •     1st Place - Judged by Paige Rohrick of PaigeeDraw
  •     Most Likes - Judged by the Community based on Points below
    • Points
      • 3 Point for every "like" on PaigeeDraw Contest page
      • 1 Point for every facebook like
      • 3 Points for every facebook tag
      • 5 Points for every facebook Share (Maximum 100 Points)


  1. At least 1 PaigeeDraw / ChibiDraw characters must be included: ie. Nyan, Aoi, Mai, Haru, etc.
  2. A character representation of yourself.
  3. You may use one or more of your own original characters.
  4. Full Characters or Chibis can be used. PaigeeDraw Paingu
  5. All drawings must be done traditionally! PaigeeDraw is about working with traditional media and we would like to do the same for the contest.
  6. A hand drawn PaigeeDraw, ChibiDraw, PaigeeDraw Christmas or PaigeeDraw Boys Logo must be included on every drawing submitted. You can use the existing PaigeeDraw, ChibiDraw, PaigeeDraw Christmas or PaigeeDraw Boys Logo, or create your own. If the logo is not included, your drawing will NOT be included in the contest.
  7. A maximum of 3 images can be submitted.
  8. All drawings must be colored. Background is optional but encouraged. Black and White drawings will NOT be accepted in this contest.
  9. As PaigeeDraw is a site for all ages, age appropriate drawings must be submitted. We reserve the right to refuse drawings that may not be suitable for all ages.
  10. Friends and family of Paige Rohrick are excluded from the contest.
  11. Must not use other individuals copyrighted works.
  12. Must not copy / outline other individuals characters or original works.
  13. Must not be an entry used in a previous contest.
  14. Only 1 prize can be won per individual.
  15. Elements: The elements must be included on each drawing submitted.


ChibiDraw Birthday

Download PaigeeDraw Applications at the links below:

Characters can also be found at the following locations:

Start / End Dates

Starting: Saturday April 21, 2012
End: Sunday May 13, 2012 at Midnight PST


Paige Rohrick will decide the winners of the contest. Paige will take into consideration:
  • Quality of drawing
  • Materials Used
  • Usage of PaigeeDraw/ChibiDraw/Chistmas/Boys Logo
  • Usage of Characters
  • Background
  • Story / Theme
  • Originality
  • Required Elements
  • Age of Artist


PaigeeDraw "200,000 Members" Contest

To enter the PRO Component of the 200,000 Members Contest, you must use the CONTEST CODE from:

You can also enter the contest with an Order Number from the PaigeeDraw Online Store! Simply submit your Order Number with your contest entry.

Send your drawing by email to .

Subject: PaigeeDraw "200,000 Members" Contest

Facebook Name:
Deviant Art ID: (Optional)
Characters Names in Drawing:
Title of Drawing:
Your Age:
Contest Code or Order Number (if entering pro):


PaigeeDraw "200,000 Members" Contest Prizes

Sponsored by:

First Place +BONUS with Contest Code
LetraSet Manga Gift Pack  

  • +BONUS for PRO

Most Likes + BONUS with Contest CodeLetraSet Comic Art Set 1


+BONUS for PRO EntriesLetraSet Manga Additions Set 1

If your drawing is selected as a "Winner" and you have included your PaigeeDraw Contest Code or Order Number with your entry - you are automatically registered for the +Bonus prize.

*Minor color substitutions may be made to contest prizes dependant upon color availability at contest close.

**All submitted drawings may be featured on any of the PaigeeDraw Sites, including the PaigeeDraw, ChibiDraw and PaigeeDraw Boys facebook page - all entry details will be included with the drawing. All submitted drawings may be featured on the PaigeeDraw Web Site, PaigeeDraw Blog, PaigeeDraw Online Store, or the any of the PaigeeDraw Applications including PaigeeDraw, ChibiDraw, PaigeeDraw Christmas and PaigeeDraw Boys.

Paige Rohrick


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