Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ChibiDraw FREE "Summer Holidays" Contest 3rd Place

September 28, 2011

Paige Rohrick of PaigeeDraw is pleased to announce the 3rd Place Winner of the ChibiDraw FREE "Summer Holidays" Contest!

The 3rd place winner is only 13 years old!   She drew an amazing drawing with lots of interaction and adorable characters!    Hundreds of individuals competed in the "Free" Contest, and this drawing came in 3rd!

Congratulations Hazel Bayaras!
3rd Place - ChibiDraw FREE "Summer Holidays" Contest

Hazel Bayaras - ChibiDraw Free "Summer Holidays" Contest 3rd Place

Contest entry by Hazel Bayaras
DA Name: little-miss-girl
Title: Cream Beach
Characters: (left to right) Luka, Aoi, Nyan, Hibiki, Sai, Nadine and Sir Aqua and Ms. Sun
Materials: Prisma color, [old] pencil [that i found at the corner of our house], [give away] ballpen [given to my father on his work] and gel pen
Note: Nadine is real. She is a tiny balloon with cornstarch inside made by my Best friend, Kate.
Actually, I brought this drawing to school to show it to my classmates. Then my Best friends noticed that it reflect our selves. Our group, Wardrobe (ward 9 :3) decided to add more characters to make it 7 (because we are 7 in the group). And we name the characters (only for the group ) from the left to right we have Kate (because she is the cutest member of the group) , Donna (because she is clumsy), Hazel (me, because i love cats) Erlene (in the drawing is a boy but Erlene is a girl okay :/ ) Angelika (she just want it), Nadine (requested by Kate),Clarice (because her hair is twisted) and the Sun is our president, Amira (because she's so "hot"

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    A huge thank you to everyone that participated in the ChibiDraw  "Summer Holidays" Contest! A huge thank you to the PaigeeDraw Communities!

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