Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ChibiDraw "Summer Holidays" Free / Pro Honorable Mentions!

Sept 28, 2011

The ChibiDraw "Summer Holidays" Contest was a huge success!   Young Manga artists from around the world competed in this event!    The contest entries were amazing!   Chibis are so much fun to draw!   This may have been the funnest Manga Contest that we have had!

Announcing the ChibiDraw "Summer Holidays" Honorable Mentions!   These drawings didn't quite make the top 3 to win a prize, but they were still awesome!

Contest entry by Deirdre Rouse!  

Deirdre Rouse - ChibiDraw "Summer Holiays" Honorable Mention
ChibiDraw PRO

Facebook name: Deirdre Rouse
DeviantART: NeonRainboww
Characters: (from left to right) Miki (deirdre's character, eating pink ice cream), Nyan (eating chocolate ice cream), Mai (pointing and laughing), Akio (cooking), Katsu (deirdre's character, patting tent), Jin (setting up poles for tent), Yuma (carrying backpack)
Title: Lets go camping!
Age: 12

Contest entry by Aaron Nguyen!

Aaron Nguyen - ChibiDraw "Summer Holidays" Honorable Mention

ChibiDraw PRO
Contest entry by Aaron Nguyen!
Facebook Name: Aaron Nguyen
Characters Names in Drawing:Nyan, Forchette, Aoi, Aisu,Takao 
Title of Drawing: Fishing!
Your Age: 11
Story:Takao went out to try his luck at fishing one last before going home...only to catch

Contest entry by Michelle Dominado!

ChibiDraw FREE

Contest entry by Michelle Dominado
Characters Names in Drawing: Miu, Aoi, Miyuki, Sei, (some unnamed characters from chibidrawver.2)
Your Age: 13
Materials used: Colored pencils, pen, white acrylic paint, watercolor brush pens, and markers
Story: You aren't limited to things during summer holidays; sleeping, eating ice cream with your friends, taking purikura pictures, go to festivals, or having fun at the beach :3

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