Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ChibiDraw PRO "Summer Holidays" Contest 3rd Place

September 28, 2011

Paige Rohrick of PaigeeDraw is pleased to announce the 3rd Place Winner of the ChibiDraw PRO "Summer Holidays" Contest!

We have already seen this entry before!    This entry was the 1st Place Winner of the ChibiDraw "Most Likes" Prize!

Congratulations Alina Chaikheeva!

Alina Chaikheeva - ChibiDraw PRO "Summer Holidays" Contest - 3rd Place

ChibiDraw PRO
Contest entry by Alina C.!
Characters Names in Drawing: Rei, Takao, Yuma, Yura, Nyan, Kou, Rain, and Haru
Material Used: Normal Pen for out lining, Color Pencils/Crayon for color, and a ton patients 
Title of Drawing: Summer Fun
Age: 18 (just turned C:)

Hanging out in the park is an everyday thing for chibies. So we have Rei jumping in a pile of leafs while Takao is panicked to see her belly flop in. Yuma and Yura are looking up at Nyan. Who is pulling out her catch with Kou on it with a "this is mind!" look. Rain is looking up waiting for rain to come down, while Haru is a little confused why there is no rain. Yep, another fun day with the chibies. ...That leaf pile took me 3 hours just to color in....I really hope it was worth the effort, but I do like how it came out

Mechanical Pencil and Eraser
Drawing Displayed as "Contest Winner" on a future release of a PaigeeDraw Application

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