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PaigeeDraw "Back to School" Pro Contest - Runners Up!

September 25, 2011

The Back to School contest was a huge success! Over 500 drawings from around the world were entered into the contest. It was very hard to pick only 3 winners. The styles and drawings were all very different, but equally magnificent! Participants ranged in age from 7 years old all the way to 40 years old!

There were a number of drawings that were exceptional but did not make the top 3.

Here are a number of the Runners Up in no particular order:

Jovanna Vera - PaigeeDraw "Back to School" Pro Runner Up

Contest entry by Jovanna Vera
Facebook Name:
Deviant Art ID:
Characters Names in Drawing: Kyo Ame Nyan Olive Yoko (eith orange hair) Mai OC; Jake, Jane, Keth
Title of Drawing: Lunch Time
Your Age: 18

Kia Kortelainen - PaigeeDraw "Back to School" Pro Runner Up
Contest entry by Kia Kortelainen
Facebook Name: n/a
Deviant Art ID: n/a
Characters Names in Drawing: Taliliah, Jacques, Owari, and Haru
Title of Drawing: A New Beginning~Welcome Back!
Your Age: 16

Materials: Pencil crayon (crayola >.<) , white poster paint (wallacks), fine liner (sharpie), and watered acrylic paint (walllacks).


"For Talillah summer was romantic, for Owari it was a new friendship, and for Jacques... it was endless days of relaxation at the beach". Haru walked down the crowded halls to room 201, her first class of a brand new year. The familiar yet distant noises of the school hallways reminded Haru of her already distant summer memories. "What... did I do during summer?" She had recalled sleeping in, and the time Auntie May found a snake in her plum pie, but other than that nothing even the slightest remarkable had occurred. A frown crawled onto Haru's lips with each step she took. "I can't believe I wasted an entire summer on nothing! I wish something spectacular could have happened to me." Suddenly Owari bumped into Haru from behind. "Erk. Hey...! Oh Owari," Owari gave Haru a suspicious look. " It's... nothing. Oh Look Owari, there's Jacques and Taliliah!" Haru exclaimed. "I'm going to go say hi," But just before Haru stretched her leg to sprint off and glomp Taliliah, Owari grabbed the cuff of her bright orange sweater. Haru twisted around to find that Owari was holding up a note pad. In delicate cursive, the words "It's a New Beginning," were written on the pad of flowery paper. Haru stopped in mid-step and stared at the simple words. Finally she turned back towards Jacques and Taliliah. "Why is it that you always know the right thing to say Owari?" With that Haru took her first step towards a new beginning.
Genesis Pena - PaigeeDraw "Back to School" Pro Runner Up

Contest entry by Genesis Pena!
FaceBook Name: Genesis Pena (NekoChan)
Characters in Drawing: Jin, Yuma, Hime, Natsumi, and Akio
Title: We're Late!!
Age: 16
Materials Used: Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen (black), PIGMA MICRON 01 Sakura pen (Sepia), Pentel Sunburst MED White Gel pen, Artist's Loft Dual tip markers, and Crayola colored pencils.

A Short story for the PaigeeDraw community: "I can't believe it's the last day of our Summer vacation," Natsumi groaned as she shuffled under her blanket. Her light lavender hair was pulled up in a bun, as was Hime's hair. They were both laying on the floor; they had created a floor bed so they could sleep. Jin looked over to them from his bed and added, " I agree... It was fun while it lasted, but you know what they say. Everything good has to come to an end...". He, too, pulled his blanket over himself and lay his head on his pillow. "Make sure you set that alarm clock's time right," Yuma warned from the corner of the room; he decided to sleep there, far away from the others. He had the tendency to kick in his sleep; he was always chasing mice in his dreams. Jin looked to him and snorted, "I got it, I got it. It's all set! 7 am in the morning, that's when we will wake up, and we'll all head to school around 7:40 am to get there at 8:15 am!" A sigh was able to be heard; it was Natsumi. "Well, let's head to bed, guys. We've never been late before. NEVER. And I'm not planning on making it late anytime soon." And with that, she lay her head down and closed her eyes. "Oyasumi, everyone," Hime yawned, and everyone returned the good night wish.
6:59 am........ Everyone was still asleep, and the sky was a pale blue color. Just one minute until the clock went off. Jin slept right beside it since it was his room. The alarm sat on his counter, right in arm's reach of it. 7:00 am. *Beep beep beep bee-* But before anyone could hear it, Jin slapped the alarm's snooze button, and the infernal beeping stopped. Silence filled the room once again, the only sounds able to be heard were the soft breaths of the sleeping teens.......... 7:30 am... *Beep beep beep beep be-* Jin, once again, hit the snooze button. It was an automatic reaction for him; he had grown so used to hitting it during the beginning of the Summer since he was always forgetful of turning the alarm off. The room was quiet again, and the snooze alarm wouldn't go off in another 30 minutes...... 7:49 am. That's when Natsumi woke up... "Wait a minute," she groaned. She looked at the alarm clock with squinted eyes and identified what time it was. Her eyes widened and she stood up as she announced, "GUYS! Wake up! We're going to be late!!" Everyone startled awake, and Jin immediately exclaimed "W-What!? Oh, snap!" He lept out of bed along with everyone else and rushed for the door, but Natsumi beat him to it. "It may be your home, but I need to look beautiful! The bathroom's MINE!" And saying that, she bolted out of the room, uniform in hand, and called for Hime to follow. She did, and the girls claimed the bathroom first. Jin began to get dressed until he felt Yuma's glare on him. "When I get my hands on you...," He hissed....... 8:13 am........ "We're almost there!!!" Jin exclaimed as he darted down the block. His three friends followed behind him. They were just a block away from the school. The orange Autumn trees blew in the wind and the sun sat in the sky. "I'm going to strangle you!" Yuma shouted from behind. "We BETTER make it in time!" Jin looked back and called out, "I know!!" He then realized Hime was right next to him. She was faster than she looked, and her crown bopped on her head. 8:14 am. "I won't be late!!" Natsumi growled. She ran right behind Hime as they ended the block and turned up the path way to their school. Akio looked at them from across the street. "Hm?" As the four neared the school doors, Hime held out one hand to push the door open, and Jin did the same. "You are so DEAD!" Yuma yelled behind them, running as fast as he could. Natsumi turned to look at him. "He is so going to kick your butt...," she said. The door flew open, Hime's crown flew off, and they all charged in... just 10 seconds before the bell rang. "Yes!" Jin gasped in relief, but it was short lived when Yuma punched back of his head. "Sleep over at your house? Never. Again," Yuma sternly said before walking away. "Well, whatever! We made it..." Jin sighed, smiling. He then walked with Hime down the hall to receive his schedule for school. ~End!
Genesis Pena - PaigeeDraw "Back to School" PRO Runner Up

Contest entry by Genesis Pena!
FaceBook: Genesis Pena (NekoChan)
Characters in Drawing: (Left to right) Mana, Taliliah, Jacques, Nyan, Aoi, and Yuejen
Title: Last Time, Times Square!
Age: 16

Summary: What started out as a day to go shopping for school supplies between these 5 friends turned out to be a much better day than that. Since it's the final week of Summer vacation, they decided to have the most fun they can have before going back to school. But once the day is done, back to school shopping for them! (The hand Taliliah is holding can be anyone's hand; as long as it helps you feel like you're a part of the picture :).)

Vali Banares - PaigeeDraw "Back to School" Pro Runner Up

Contest entry by Vali Bañares
Deviant Art ID: Acyd-Candy
Characters Names in Drawing: Kuro
Title of Drawing: An after school snack
Your Age: 23

*This drawing narrowly missed the final 3.

Lolita - PaigeeDraw "Back to School" Pro Runner Up

Contest entry by Lolita
Facebook name : Lolita-chat Nya
characters name in drawing:
behind the bench : Aoï
the boy: Kukaï
the girl beside him: Mira
title of drawing: New year, old love...
my age: 13 years old
Jordan Hamann - PaigeeDraw "Back to School" Pro Runner Up

Contest entry by Jordan Hamann
Deviant Art ID: jordan71495 (
Characters names in Drawing: From ChibiDraw: Aoi (mermaid on right), Hime (chibi lower right corner), Aisu (Sketchy chibi lower right corner), Haru (Half-sketch chibi lower right corner), Yoko (mermaid on right), Yuma (on desk near shark), Takao (in doorway), Forchette (merman with tridant to left), Akio (left with pervy look on face) From PaigeeDraw: Ame and Kyo (passing notes up front) Other: Random Oblivious Teacher
Title of Drawing: Missing the Beach
Your Age: 16
Story: Daydreams of the beach while at school: It is between classes when someone drifts into reminiscing dreams of their beloved beach time. Suddenly, the world beneath their eyelids become a beautiful place where an ocean can leak into the classroom and become a dazzling place filled with fish, and clear blue water. Looking around, the daydreamer notices the sea roaring in by a salty waterfall. Next to the waterfall is a merman carrying a trident with his gills pulsing on his abdoman as he stares hatefully at Akio ogling at his two statuesque sisters. Looking left, the daydreamer notices the shark approaching the hydrophobic kitten curled up tightly in fear. Looking right, the daydreamer notices Takao walking in happily, not disturbed by the ocean. Perhaps, he cannot see the mystical sight ahead of him? Ahead, are Ame and Kyo. Upon Kyo's arm is a cupid's octopus blessing the delicate, papery confession of love. Will she accept? Or will the blessing go to waste? Before the daydreamer can find out, a startling siren lets out, the teacher shifts, class begins.
Materials: Watercolor Pencils, Micron inking pens, some markers, white acrylic paint (details in water), colored pencils, and mechanical pencil (only for sketch)

Tiffany Yin - PaigeeDraw "Back to School" Pro Runner Up

Contest entry by Tiffany Yin!
Facebook Name: Tiffany Kuchiki
Deviant Art ID: ty1407
Characters Names in Drawing:Kyo and Ame ( Both from Paigeedraw)
Title of Drawing: COULD THIS BE FATE?!
Your Age: 13

Megan Panes - PaigeeDraw "Back to School" Pro Runner Up

Contest entry by Megan Panes!
Facebook Name: Megan Chin Panes
Characters Names in Drawing: Owari(left) and Yoko(right)
Title of Drawing: "Waiting for the class to start"
Your Age: 18

Jovanna Vera - PaigeeDraw "Back to School" Pro Runner Up

Contest entry by Jovanna Vera!
Facebook Name: Jovanna Vera
Deviant Art ID: Johoemoe
Characters Names in Drawing: Kate, Trent, Nyan, Tohru, Mai, and no name guy!
Title of Drawing: English Class
Your Age: 17

Alina C - PaigeeDraw "Back to School" Pro Runner Up
Contest entry by Alina C.
Deviant Art ID: Simarlin:
Characters Names in Drawing: Paingu (Paigee) in the middle with Hajimari, Owari, Holly, Maru, Nyan, Rain from chibi draw, Bako from chibidraw and a boy with pop from paigeedraw boy
Material Used: Normal Pen for out lining, Color Pencils/Crayon for color, and a ton of love and imagination :3
Title of Drawing: PaigeeDraw Anime Convention
Age: 18

Congratulations to all of the "Runners Up"

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