Wednesday, August 15, 2012

PaigeeDraw Olympics - Grand Prize Winner!

The PaigeeDraw Olympics are over, but it is time to announce the Winners! Almost 200 people from around the World entered the PaigeeDraw Olympics Contest!

Winner - PaigeeDraw Olympics Grand Prize:
Congratulations Tiffany Nguyen!!!

PaigeeDraw Olympics - Grand Prize Winner!

Contest entry by: Tiffany Nguyen - PAIGEEDRAW PRO
Drawing Title: A Sip of the Past (in british accent
Age of Artist: 16
Characters: Nyan, Tsubasa, Ayame, Me, Haru, Yuma, Kuya, Aoi, Mai and Trent
Story: The PaigeeDraw "Olympics" was a sport born from ancient Greece, the past. It is now 2012, and we were invited to participate in a tea party from Paigee in Buckingham palace. As spontaneous as Nyan was, she wanted to make this event a special and memorable one. "What better way to celebrate an old tradition if we all dressed like the past English during the Victorian Era?!" Before anyone could protest, Nyan comes rolling in with a whole wardrobe of outfits, "Let's get ready and GO!" Of course none of us could object so we all dressed up in the old fashion English outfits and headed to Buckingham palace where we were all astounded by the exhuberent view of the flowers! The aroma of fresh tulips filled the air and a hint of strawberry tarts and tea dragged our attention to the tea party set out for us. Tsubasa pops up with a HUGE PaigeeDraw Olympic sign painted to support several teams ties one end to the statue and holds the other end. Kuya, impressed, rushed to snap a picture of the logo alongside the palace and Ayame who shyly holds a flag. Paigee comes over impressed of our spirit, takes a picture of all of us to remember this moment.
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