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PaigeeWorld Traditional Contest

PaigeeWorld "Traditional" Contest

FREE to Enter!

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Prizes for Best Tutorials!

PaigeeWorld "Traditional" Contest

The PaigeeDraw World Project is aimed to help the world learn how to draw Manga! The purpose of PaigeeDraw World is to build an application to help individuals learn how to draw Manga, made by the best young artists from around the world! (ie The PaigeeDraw Communities).

The PaigeeDraw Community has been asking for ways that they can help and contribute. There are soo many different styles and techniques for people that want to learn how to draw Manga. Chibi styles, character styles, eyes, hands, clothing, etc.. There are also many different types of materials that can be used to make a fantastic drawing.

PaigeeDraw is about traditional drawing, and traditional materials. However, members use pencils, crayons, paints, markers, etc, to create their amazing drawings. So far, PaigeeDraw has been focused on drawing with Markers, however we would like to expand to not only help people with Marker drawings, but whatever traditional media they would like to use.

PaigeeDraw World will allow tutorials based on any traditional drawing material! With PaigeeDraw World, the PaigeeDraw Communities, as well as Paige, will be creating step by step drawing tutorials, which for the successful applicants will be available on the PaigeeDraw Mobile Application PaigeeWorld, or available on the PaigeeDraw Internet Sites.

Why Enter PaigeeWorld Traditional?

PaigeeDraw World gives the PaigeeDraw Communiy Members:
  • An opportunity for your art to be displayed on the #1 mobile application brand in the world for teaching aspiring Manga Artists how to draw!
  • An opportunity to create a tutorial viewed by potentially hundreds of thousands of people around the world.
  • To have your art seen by industry people around the world!
  • Add to your art portfolio.
  • Help others learn how to draw manga/anime.
  • Show off your unique skills and techniques, while helping others with new drawing techniques and materials.
  • An opportunity to help others learn how to draw!

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ChibiDraw Pro Character / Chibi submissions for PaigeeWorld Traditional must have a minimum of 9 unique steps per drawing (Maximum 25).
All tutorials will be based off of existing PaigeeDraw Characters.
Each step must be submitted as a separate drawing (ie approx 8.5x11 Portrait) (3x4 Aspect Ratio). The larger the resolution the better! (Minimum Resolution 768x1024)


  1. For Chibi or Character Tutorials one of the following PaigeeDraw Characters must be used:
    • Nyan, Aoi, Mai, Haru, or Yuki Tsubasa(If you submit more than 1 tutorial, additional tutorials can be any PaigeeDraw character)
  2. Additional Characters are optional but can be used from:
    • PaigeeDraw App from iTunes
    • ChibiDraw App from iTunes
    • PaigeeDraw Boys App from iTunes
    • PaigeeDraw Christmas App from iTunes
  3. Characters can be in regular or chibi format.
  4. All drawings must be done traditionally! We encourage the use of PhotoShop or similar to clean up / enhance images.
  5. All tutorials must have a minimum of 9 steps for full character or chibi tutorials(Maximum 25). Every individual step must be submitted with all tools used to complete each step. Full instructions must also be included to complete each step. (Please reference the PaigeeDraw Applications for examples)
  6. Tutorials for hands, eyes, faces, clothing, accessories, etc. must have a minimum of 5 steps(Maximum 15). Full instructions must also be included to complete each step. (Please reference the PaigeeDraw Applications for examples)
  7. All drawings must be colored. With the exception of drawings that are "Colored" black and white.
  8. As PaigeeDraw is a site for all ages, age appropriate tutorials must be submitted. We reserve the right to refuse drawings that may not be suitable for all ages.
  9. Must not use other individuals copyrighted works.
  10. Must not copy / outline other individuals characters or original works.
  11. All drawings submitted must be scanned. Photographed drawings cannot be used for web or mobile device content due to their poor quality/coloring. (Note - exceptions can be made if the quality is sufficient)
  12. All submitted tutorials will be the property of Paigee Draw Inc.. Credit will be given to the artist base on the information recieved with the tutorial submission.
  13. By submitting drawings, instructions, and any other content to PaigeeDraw, you grant PaigeeDraw an irrevocable, perpetual, sole, transferable, royalty-free, sub-licensable, worldwide license to use, copy, publicly display, reformat, translate, excerpt (in whole or in part) and distribute all content you have submitted for any purpose, commercial, advertising, or otherwise (the “IP License”).


How can you add some flair to your drawing tutorial? Where do you come from? PaigeeDraw has been downloaded from over 80 countries around the world. We encourage our members to add something extra from your part of the world.

If you are from Japan, Korea, Germany, England, USA, etc, add something to reflect this in your drawing. Is there something about your state or territory that you would like to add - no problem, use your imagination. Dont be limited either to where you are from - if you want to add a theme to your drawing from a country that you like - definately do so!



PaigeeDraw Characters

Start / End Dates

Starting: On Now!!!
End: January 1st, 2013
Note: Contest prizes will be given out during the duration of the contest.
Note: PaigeeDraw World is schedule for release in October 2012.


ChibiDraw Pro Paige Rohrick will decide the tutorials that will Qualify for PaigeeDraw World.
Paige will take into consideration:
  • Quality of drawing
  • Quality of drawing submitted (Scan Quality)
  • Usage of Characters
  • Drawing Style
  • Age of Artist
  • Originality
  • Quality of Instructions


Paigee World Traditional

No purchase is required. Bring out your scanner, and start drawing/scanning!

Send your drawing by email to .
Note: For large tutorials, please send multiple emails with about 3 drawings per email.

Subject: PaigeeWorld Traditional
Facebook Name: (Optional)
Deviant Art ID: (Optional)
Characters Names in Drawing:
Your Age:
Individual Step Tutorial Images
Document with Tools and Instructions for each step.

Note: If required, you can send multiple emails.
Please see Advanced Instructions below.

Prizes!!! PaigeeWorld!

There is NO LIMIT on prizes to be given away! You can also WIN multiple prizes if you have multiple winning tutorials!
PaigeeWorld will give artists from around the world a chance to be featured on the PaigeeWorld Application available for Apple devices, and in the future Android. Available in almost every country around the world! Excellent for your art portfolio!
PaigeeWorld will give artists from around the world a chance to be featured on the PaigeeDraw Tutorials Web Pages.
PaigeeWorld will give artists from around the world a chance to be featured on the PaigeeDraw Facebook Communities - with up to 50,000,000 facebook impressions per month and growing! ie. Alot of people will see your art!
Prizes : (Best Tutorials for Application)Ciao 12 Marker Set
Paige will select at least 3 character or chibi tutorials submitted to Win the following Prize: These prizes may be given away at any time and will be announced on the PaigeeDraw Blog, or the PaigeeDraw Facebook page! You will also receive an email to the email address that you sent the tutorial from.
  • PaigeeDraw Online Store Coupon**** Valued at $62.25. Good for:
  • Your Drawing may be displayed as "Contest Winner" on a future release of PaigeeWorld Application.
  • Your Tutorial may be displayed on PaigeeWorld Application.
Even More Prizes : (Tutorial Selected for Application)

If your character/chibi drawing tutorial is selected for the PaigeeWorld Application, you will win:
  • PaigeeDraw Online Store Coupon**** Valued at $21.54. Good For:
    • 6 Copic Ciao Markers
If you hand, eye, face, fashion, accessory, etc. tutorial is selected for the PaigeeWorld Application, you will win:
  • PaigeeDraw Online Store Coupon**** Valued at $14.36. Good For:
    • 4 Copic Ciao Markers
**All submitted drawings may be featured on any of the PaigeeDraw Sites, including the PaigeeDraw, ChibiDraw, PaigeeWorld and PaigeeDraw Boys facebook page - all entry details will be included with the drawing. All submitted drawings may be featured on the PaigeeDraw Web Site, PaigeeDraw Blog, PaigeeDraw Online Store, or the any of the PaigeeDraw Applications including PaigeeDraw, ChibiDraw, PaigeeDraw Christmas, PaigeeWorld and PaigeeDraw Boys.
****Only one Coupon Code is valid per transaction. If you have won multiple prizes for multiple tutorials, you can send us an email to combine your Coupon Codes.

Detailed Instructions

Since all drawing tutorials will be made for either the PaigeeWorld Application, or a PaigeeDraw Web Site, special consideration has to be made when submitting tutorials.

If possible, your tutorial submissions should be transparent(see examples included below). If you do not know how to use Photoshop, PhotoShop Elements, or some other graphics program on the computer to edit/enhance your drawing, Paigee Draw Inc. will have to perform the editing for you. Since this takes large amounts of time, preference will be given to tutorials that are better prepared.

All tutorials should be created in 3:4 portrait dimensions (roughly a 8.5x11 piece of paper). Image resolution should be at least 768x1024 preferred, but can also be submitted in a larger resolution format.

All images must be scanned. Photographed drawings will not work for our Mobile Application or web formats.

All Steps must be scanned individually. You must take the time to ensure that the orientation of each drawing, is in line with the orientation and dimensions of all other drawings submitted.

You may create a Video Tutorial as well for your tutorial(Please do this separately from your original tutorial - ie, make a video tutorial of a drawing similar to your entry). If you do so, upload directly to Youtube or any Video service on the internet. Ensure you mention PaigeeWorld, as well as on the Video description. Send us the link to the Video Tutorial with your entry and we will then do our best to link your tutorial from the application or web page, to your video tutorial.

BONUS - If you would like, you can also create a Manga Strip and include with your tutorial. This would just be a colored drawing, and NOT a tutorial. Make a small story based on any of the 5 Primary PaigeeDraw Characters (Nyan, Aoi, Mai, Haru, Tsubasa). We will try to include a few Manga Strips with the application. (Again 3:4 Portrait)

All character and/or chibi tutorials must include a minimum of 9 individual drawing steps, with a maximum of 25 steps per drawing.

All face, hand, eye, fashion, clothing, accessory, etc., tutorials must have a minimum of 5 individual drawing steps, with a maximum of 15.

Please include tools and instructions documentation for every step in your tutorial.

Please include your personal signature on your tutorial. The purpose of PaigeeWorld, is to give our community credit for the best drawing tutorials for learning how to draw manga. This is optional but encouraged.

Example Tutorial Image:

Please reference any of the existing PaigeeDraw Applications to see the formatting that we will use for the PaigeeDraw World application. In the above examples, there is sufficient room for buttons on the right side, border images in the corners, as well as an image title on the top left. The reason why images need to be transparent, is because may additional elements will be layered with the individual tutorial drawing images.

If you have any questions, please email to me at I will try to update the PaigeeWorld Page with a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), below.


  1. Can I photograph my pictures and send them to you?
    • No. All images must be scanned. Photographs do not have adaquate image quality for use by mobile apps.
  2. Can I submit more than one tutorial?
    • Yes. I would recommend only sending in one at a time. I will provide feedback to help you if requested.
  3. Can I win more than one prize?
    • Yes. But you cannot win more than one primary prize. If you have multiple tutorials selected for the application, you will win 6 Copic Ciao Markers per character or Chibi tutorial, and 3 Copic Ciao Markers per other tutorial.
  4. What format to submit the drawing in?
    • The preferred format is .PNG. You can also send them as JPG or PDF.
  5. Where do you post the tutorial?
    • The tutorial could be posted to: Any PaigeeDraw Web Page, Any PaigeeDraw Community Page. In the future it MAY be posted to a PaigeeDraw App.
  6. Can my drawing have a background?
    • Yes. Our new Application format does support backgrounds.
  7. Can I use Google Translate to translate my instructions.
    • Yes, but if your tutorial is selected, the instructions will probably be edited by PaigeeDraw.
  8. Where do I put my signature?
    • You do not need to add your signature. If you do, you can add it anywhere on your drawing. Please keep it small.
  9. How much content do you need for the app?
    • We already have 60 Winners with the first round of PaigeeWorld! There is no limit to how many tutorials can be added to the app!

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