Wednesday, August 15, 2012

PaigeeDraw Olympics - Winner - 9 to 13

The PaigeeDraw Olympics are over, but it is time to announce the Winners! Almost 200 people from around the World entered the PaigeeDraw Olympics Contest!

Winner - 9 to 13:
Congratulations Kendricka Walker

Contest entry by: Kendricka Walker
Drawing Title: Chauffering Nekos in London
Age of Artist: 13
Characters: Nyan, Yuma, Yuna and I
Story: While taking in the sights before the PaigeeDram Olympic games, the nekos and I lost track of time, along with out sense of direction; we got lost! Fortunately we got lost near Big Ben- which is much easier to find on a map than some random street in London. But time is running out- and the minutes until the games start to decrease. Although Yuna and Yuma don't seem to care much and decide to play around. But Nyan- she doesn't want to miss anything! Will we make it in time!?
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