Wednesday, August 15, 2012

PaigeeDraw Olympics - Winner - 14 and Up!

The PaigeeDraw Olympics are over, but it is time to announce the Winners! Almost 200 people from around the World entered the PaigeeDraw Olympics Contest!

Winner - 14 and Under:
Congratulations Mike Woong!

PaigeeDraw Olympics Winner

Contest entry by: Mike Woong
Drawing Title: Lost in London (And still had fun!)
Age of Artist: 14

Characters: Yuma, Kuya, Paige Rohrick, and Mike (it's pronounced Mee-kay.. and yes, it's a girl's name!)
Story: "We're lost aren't we?" Paige says to Mike. "No,of course not!" Mike replies, "We're just... taking a detour!" Aaaaand.. they're lost. Our heroes' journey started with Paige suggesting to go to London a few days earlier to tour the place and then watch the Olympics that are being held there. Upon exiting the airport (plus a few twists and turns here and there), Paige, Yuma, Kuya, and Mike got lost. No really. They're lost. But, as it turns out, our heroes aren't at the end of their rope. While wandering around, they happened to arrive at their chosen (-ish) destinations. Even if it was mostly Yuma who seemed to be able to lead the group there. The Paige-Yuma-Kuya-Mike group started their London trip by visiting the Buckingham Palace where they took a few pics of the Buckingham Guards at the entrance. Next, they made their way to Big Ben, the famous clock tower of London. Both Paige and Yuma were really excited to see it and sighed in wonder. After, they asked around and eventually made it to the famous Abbey Road, where the famous Beetles band were famous for struttin' across Abbey Road. They took a picture of it as a souvenir. Continuing on with their tour of London, it was surprisingly Kuya who led them to the infamous London Tower Bridge. "During the night, the lights on the bridge cast a magnificent blue glow that's supposed to be pretty neat," Kuya says. "I didn't know you were a fan of the London Tower Bridge, Kuya!" Paige exclaims excitedly. On the way to see the London Eye, the group chatted about the upcoming Olympics and which countries they supported. "I'm supporting America, Japan, China, and London!" Mike cheered happily. "I think I'm gonna support Japan and Canada," Paige beams. Yuma stops and thinks for a second and exclaims "I guess I'll support Japan then! I am part Japanese afterall!" "Goes the same for me too," says Kuya, "I'll be supporting America, London and Japan." As they chattered happily, they eventually wound up at the London Eye. Paige convinced the group to go up into the cars of the Eye, although there was some persuasion involved with Yuma considering he was afraid of heights! Paige, Kuya, Mike, and Yuma all rode up the ferris wheel and at the top of the London Eye, they could see just how magnificent London had made itself for the Olympics. And as the group was slowly revolving around the ferris wheel, they knew that they and countless other people in the world were looking forward to the grand and auspicious 2012 London Olympics!
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A huge thanks to the PaigeeDraw Community for all of the continued support!

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